77 Cards: Design Heuristics for Inspiring Ideas

Struggling for new ideas? Design Heuristics can help you unlock your creative potential on any design project! 77 Cards: Design Heuristics for Inspiring Ideas are “rules of thumb” that help you quickly explore creative product design ideas.

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Game Changer Game

Game Changer Game is a fun and inspired group game for generating unique, game-changing ideas that creatively address social and environmental issues. It’s a ready-made guided and playful process for outside the box idea generation, focused on solving real world issues and empowering teams. By applying gamification to the creative process, Game Changer Game challenges players to think from different perspectives and through new lenses. Printed in the USA.


Khandu presents children with four decks of cards. From the first deck, they select a problem like, “Khuna planet needs to build a new city for new people who are coming to live there. You have been hired to build the city, with buildings, streets, parks, schools, hospitals… everything needed to make people feel happy.”

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Mental Notes

In the midst of a busy project it’s all too easy to forget the nuances that distinguish great products. Mental Notes brings together 50 insights from psychology into an easy reference and brainstorming tool. Each card describes one insight into human behavior and suggests ways to apply this to the design of Web sites, Web apps, and software applications.

Meeting Design Game

The Meeting Design Game is a new innovative way to improve the planning of meetings and conferences. The Game helps meetingplanners design outstanding meetings that will create value for both meeting owners and participants. The game combines deep knowledge about Meeting Design with gamification, to make it engaging and motivating to use.

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